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Skills Development Program

Devamber Charitable Trust’s Logo symbolizes its vision and mission as a no profit no loss organization that promotes basic literacy, health and skills development among children from poor strata of society. The second major focus area is public health through Vedic Sciences that went into oblivion in face of systemic onslaught of western culture on peoples thought process and lifestyles during colonial era, which, alas! Has continued thereafter. Yog, Ayurved, Vastu, Astrology, Karmkand, etc. are indispensable Vedic applied sciences for ensuring a balanced living with Nature and enjoying normal health and wellness of human society. R

Health & Wellness Program

DADA, Kashipur and Ranikhet provide excellent facilities for senior executives of Corporate sector to host their Board Meetings,Company Seminars, Workshops, etc.while at the same time also utilize the Health and Wellness programs offered by DIVS and DADA. Duration, Nature of Event, duration and tailor made package required can be negotiated as per wishes of the Corporate Organization.

Year’s Long Yog Master’s Course

Persons aspiring for this course must have completed a Master’s degree from any recognized Yog University/Colleges affiliated to a recognized University and are engaged for two years in teaching Yog classes. Those associated with DevamberArogyaDham programs for five years are also eligible for this course. It has to be appreciated that courses conducted at Devamber Institute of Vedic Sciences and DevamberArogyaDham Ashram are unique in imparting practical knowledge of daily use needed by each and every individual irrespective of their age, gender, vocation or nationality.

Month-long Yog Instructor’s Course

Persons aspiring to join this course must have completed at a B.A./M.A. in Yog from any recognized Yog college/University or must have had two years association with DevamberArogyaDham activities and completed its beginners and advanced courses in Yog, Ayurved and MarmaChikitsa.

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