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Devamber Charitable Trust

Devamber Charitable Trust (DCT) was constituted by children and grandchildren of two brothers, namely
Pitamber Bhandari and Laxmi Narain Bhandari, sons of Shri Hira Ballabh Bhandari and Smt. Yashoda Devi, natives of village Mawra in Ranikhet Tehsil of Almora district, Uttarakhand, India. It commemorates the high standards of human values and austere living that the founding Trustees received from their parents.

The latter until their last breath were dedicated to the twin paths of Karmayog (devotion to duty) and Bhaktiyog (devotion to God). They came from spiritual background of Himalayan villages of Kumaon region withlimited resources but they brought up their childrenwith foresight, honest living and hard work with determination and untiring energy

The Logo

Devamber Charitable Trust’s Logo symbolizes its vision and mission as a no profit no loss organization that promotes basic literacy, health and skills development among children from poor strata of society. The second major focus area is public health through Vedic Sciences that went into oblivion in face of systemic onslaught of western culture on peoples thought process and lifestyles during colonial era, which, alas! Has continued thereafter. Yog, Ayurved, Vastu, Astrology,Karmkand, etc. are indispensable Vedic applied sciences for ensuring a balanced living with Nature and enjoying normal health and wellness of human society

Our Vision and Mission

Several friends and Yogacharyas who are associated with C.M. Bhandari’s mission and vision of Vedic Sciences have set up their own facilities and have been providing similar programs.Therefore, participants will have option to visit many such facilities at different times for a wider Vedic Sciences’ perspective. One such Ashram is set up by Charat Guruji at Talla Ramgarh in Nainital district on the banks of a small perennial stream and provides unique solitary ambiance for spiritual experiences. More Ashrams along Chardham routes on Garhwal division of UK and the Kailas Mansarovar circuit in Kumaon division will be associated in duecourse as they fructify

Get Involved

Hundreds of people from all over India and abroad, from different walks of life, all age groups without gender bias who have had exposure to C.M. Bhandari’s Holistic Health and Wellness programs are now committed Ambassadors of Devamber Dham Programs because of health and life transforming benefits and experiences they took back from residential Yog Retreats. Convincing firsthand publicity has thus all along come through word of mouth or sharing of experiences in family and friend’s circles and…


Devamber Charitable Trust is known for its high integrity and 100% utilization of donations for genuine charitable activities and not even 1 paisa is paid for DCT’s Governing Board members’ expenses in running the Trust’s activities. Trustees from the joint family have until now been contributing their hard earned savings in crores of rupees in setting up the two major Infrastructures at Mawra and Kashipur but it is time now that DCT should have its own perpetually sustainable revenues to keep serving those in need…

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